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Reference links!

Here is the WoW Model Viewer:   I really dig it.  This will probably be a friend to all of us by the end of it.  It helps because you can put one piece on at a time.  Please note, if your graphics card sucks, the model viewer might be iffy.

Here is the place to find warcraft sets, see what they look like, and get the name of them.  I would still use the model viewer since you can manipulate things.  

Also, if you have a question, feel free to ask me.  I might ask Rhody if I can add a ventrilo channel for us to chat on sometimes... Ventrilo is a chat service (outside of World of Warcraft) that we all can use.  I'd have to ask the moderator first though ^.^  But you can check that out at 

I'll start posting pics when I can get a chance!
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We LOVE you! *pokes boob*
okay, how does this viewer work???? *titlts head*
Kay. So the armor set you are looking at is the Tier 1 Mage gear... also called, the Arcanist Regalia. When you go into the model viewer, on the left side you're given choices. Go to "Character" then choose your race... Human is probably the easiest to see things on, to be honest. So choose human, then male or female, and once you get to the end of the expandable menus, you'll have your character. On the right side, you get to choose her facial features, skin color, etc. which isn't as important (unless you just care that much).

Then, down below, you can choose her clothes. Click on head and type "Arcanist" into the box. You should have a choice for Arcanist Crown... click that. To see exactly what items are in the set, go to the second website I set up, and find your way to human mage, click Tier 1 Raid Set, and you'll get your set. Hover over the eight icons and it'll tell you the name of the item, and the third line should tell you where that piece belongs (head, waist, etc). You can put each piece on one at a time, and zoom in using the scroll button on your mouse... you can move by right-clicking and dragging, and turn your character by left-clicking and dragging.
SO I actually need the PC game for this to work? crap
I didn't think you needed to.

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You were lookin' into Druid, I know, but whether you wanted the starting set or an epic set... or figure out how to make shoulders that bloom. I can get you the name of that particular piece when I see Rhod next.
As far as the druid epic sets go, I'd actually go with making the Dungeon Set 1. Technically speaking, it isn't epic (unless you change colors and go with Dungeon Set 2), but it's honestly the coolest looking Druid set, IMO. That second link I posted has it... you have to kind of figure out how it works... but the name of it is "Wildheart Raiment" if you want to look it up elsewhere or on the model viewer, since all of the items start with "Wildheart". Keep in mind some of them don't have certain items... for example, there is no cape for the wildheart raiment.
You don't fail. ^_^ How are oyu feeling today?

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I am alright except for the weather. Hot, tired and sweaty. I woke up to find out the rents turned off the air this morning and now it is way to hot for me.

I am sitting here getting ready to sew on a new waistband onto my skirt seeing as it ripped the hooks off and another tear in the waistband on the opposite side.

Oh, Danielle is thinking about doing Princess Princess with us at Acen if you can make it there next year

You may want to make a thread for just the viewer. So it will be easy to get too. Especially as as this thread gets longer

I'll do that ^.^