Ms. Cosplayer (sailor_asteroid) wrote in epiclawlz,
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Night elf, general artwork/CG version. 
Patrick, if you're willing to go through with the whole airbrush body painting, I'm all for claiming this one^^ (Otherwise the time it'd take to paint me all the way would suck ass worse than Mandi's Kefka 50x >_<)

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This may just be me talking, but I would heavily suggest looking at some of the in game outfits. Perhaps it just from the fact that I've seen everybody do this version of Night Elf, but also I think the in game outfits far out do the generic. Not to mention they're more functional, unless they're hot pants.

And when doing airbrush, make sure it's paint for the skin. Acrylic and other types of paint will not be suitable (ie, it won't let your skin breath and will overall irritate it). Though I think Alison and I will have an airbrush sometime in the near future. Well, really, I just need a compressor thanks to Patrick.
I understand, I guess right now I'm just a little scared away by all the details in the custom armour. lol But it's a long time off anyway...

I think Patrick was talking about the right type of airbrush paint, but if not, guess I'm coming to you and Allison dear^^
There are pretty simplistic armor sets and whatnot for all classes. Especially for cloth wearing classes (priest, druid, mage, etc). They don't have to be all the epic classes, and I still think they're more impressive. But I'll admit, there isn't quite as many in depth art work for those, unless you find people who have done artwork of their character.
Hmmm....I see.... I'll have Christian look into it for me^^ He seems to be having fun looking at outfits right now. XD
If you want something more generic though, the Sentinel armor is pretty cool. I can get some screencaps for you, if you'd like... they're wandering around the Night Elf major city.
Thank you hunny^^
Tho really, if you wanna do the artwork/CG version, go for it ^.^ It'd be hot on you XD Don't let me discourage you.
If you manage to make it to another con say Anime Oasis or ANime Central, please let me know in advance. I say this due to the fact we should true to get a color matched up for your costume. A small test if you will.
I'm pretty sure AO is a go for me.

My main costume for Boise will be a black and white based one (Alexiel), so if that helps you any...^^
Christian pointed out your picture made it on 4Chan
Goddamnit >_<

It's funny to look at, but 4chan seems to make it less humorous somehow, no? T_T
Yeah, but still I find it funny. Mainly because only 3 people in Colorado call me by my entire first name.
So who knew you then?
The only people that I know in CO are people from my friends list. And only three of them call me by my entire first name. Two of them were at the con.
Then it must've been my fault, 'cause I mentioned your name both on my and LJ maybe it's someone watching me...? O__o
Didn't know I was that hated~
Not likely your fault. Are you on MSN now? My IM is
I have my body paint imported from Australia that is for professional use that I use. So no worries there.
I am willing to do the painting. Keep me updated on the outfit because depending on how much skin shown is going to determine how we do you paint.
Will do, thank you Patrick^^
How we do the paint. Geez I need to learn to read my stuff.

Do you use Yahoo, MSN, or AIM?
I use MSN
IM name?
Just use my email