Mint (fields4mint) wrote in epiclawlz,

Reference links!

Here is the WoW Model Viewer:   I really dig it.  This will probably be a friend to all of us by the end of it.  It helps because you can put one piece on at a time.  Please note, if your graphics card sucks, the model viewer might be iffy.

Here is the place to find warcraft sets, see what they look like, and get the name of them.  I would still use the model viewer since you can manipulate things.  

Also, if you have a question, feel free to ask me.  I might ask Rhody if I can add a ventrilo channel for us to chat on sometimes... Ventrilo is a chat service (outside of World of Warcraft) that we all can use.  I'd have to ask the moderator first though ^.^  But you can check that out at 

I'll start posting pics when I can get a chance!
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